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MMnet1002 - 200MHz, 64MB RAM, 1GB Flash

MMnet1002 module

* Complete, ready to use microprocessor system
* Fast ARM926-EJ AT91SAM9260 (AT91SAM9G20) microcontroller with up to 210MHz (400MHz) clock
* Up to 64MB SDRAM memory and up to 4GB NAND Flash
* Onboard Ethernet PHY 10/100Mbit interface and RJ45 connector with embedded magnetics
* 2 x Host USB 2.0 Full Speed with double connector
* RS232 interface with DB9 Male connector
* USB 2.0 Full Speed Device with onboard mini B connector
* microSD memory card socket
* Two I2C connectors
* Place for serial DataFlash memory
* Battery socket for RTC and RAM backup
* Reset Button
* LED diodes: power, and available to user
* Module supply voltage 8 - 35VDC
* Possibility to mount connectors on top and/or bottom side od board. This allows to mount module on base board and/or connect extension modules to MMnet1002
* 2 x 40 terminals with 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch fitting every prototype board
* Small dimensions: 100mm x 70mm
* Module is delivered with Linux system and example software

AT91SAM9260/(AT91SAM9G20) microcontroller

* 32-bit ARM926EJ core with up to 210MHz (400MHz) clocking
* DSP instructions and JAVA acceleration
* Memory management Unit allow to run systems like Linux or Windows CE
* 8-KB (32KB) Data Cache, 8-KB (32KB) Instruction Cache, Write Buffer
* Two 4 KB (16KB) Internal SRAM, Single-cycle Access At Maximum Matrix Speed
* External Bus Interface (EBI) supports SDRAM, Static Memory, ECC-enabled NAND Flash and CompactFlash
* USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbits per second) Device Port
* USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbits per second) Host and Double Port
* Ethernet MAC 10/100 Base T
* Image Sensor Interface
* Reset Controller
* Advanced Interrupt Controller
* RTC with battery backup
* Periodic Interval Timer, Watchdog Timer, Real-time Timer
* 10-bit A/D converter
* DMA controller
* MultiMedia Card/SDCard/SDIO controller
* Synchronous Serial Controllery (supports I2S)
* 6 USARTs + 1 DBGU port
* 2 SPI interfaces
* Two Three-channel 16-bit Timer/Counters witch PWM output and Input Capture capabilities
* TWI interface
* JTAG interface

Configuration: MMnet1002–A1–B64–C1–D0–E2–F1–G1–H1–I1–J1–K0–L0–M0–N0.
NOTICE: On sale are only module configurations listed in our shop. Other configurations are available for orders from 50pcs.

Available version -LF - RoHS compilant. To order this version please add "-LF version" in "Your notice:" field (while making order).

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